Monday, December 11, 2017

NextCloud on Raspberry Pi

Considering the new Raspberry Pi has mobile and Wi-Fi interfaces built-in, it makes a fantastic candidate for being a home access point as well as a NextCloud server.

Now there is also an official project, a Raspberry Pi image of the latest stable NextCloud release:

A wonderful candidate for the next winter hobby project.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Use your SD card as Internal Storage on a Samsung phone

It requires some tinkling because Samsung disabled this native Android functionality (wtf?!).

In any case, the method works and my phone can breathe again.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Desktop software repository

My new software repository for PC desktop software is FossHub -

Monday, October 30, 2017

NextCloud: Open Source Personal Information Management

I've just revisited OwnCloud suite and found that a decent progress has been made to warrant a viable alternative to Google suite of PIM applications. Here is a quick rundown:
  • Calendar -> NextCloud Calendar online, Mozilla Thunderbird on PC
  • Contacts -> NextCloud Contacts online, Mozilla Thunderbird + CardBook on PC
  • Sync adapter for Android = DAVdroid
  • Tasks => OpenTasks or aCalendar+
  • Notes => NextCloud Notes (link) for Android
There is a number of providers offering free OwnCloud/NextCloud hosting. Even the minimal options with 500MB or 1GB should be free to host important files and PIM data (calendar, contacts).

NextCloud applications allow downloading calendars as .ics and contacts as .vcf files, which can be used for ocassional backup. If a server goes down, you always have the backup available on your device where the data was last edited.

The next step might be to run own NextCloud instance on Raspberry Pi or something similar.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Desktop multiplatform GUI options

Thinking of creating a desktop application nowadays is really a pain. Multiple platforms and no definitive way to share the UI although no major functionality changes have been introduced in a long time.

Some options, for .NET framework, are listed at GUI Toolkits page at Mono Project web site. One interesting framework is GTK#, which uses the very-popular GTK UI framework.

While .NET has been introduced onto multiple platforms, it will be interesting to see if GTK# works equally well for a multi-platform UI.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Windows 10 update 1703

There is a bunch of new things added in Windows 10 update 1703, as listed here. Unfortunately, I do not need a single thing listed on that page.

My enthusiasm about new updates is currently at level zero. And I see it going into negative if new updates full of features I don't need keep coming along.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Quicken to GnuCash

Before making the jump, a proper research is in place. Here is a collection of resources related to migrating years of data from Quicken to GnuCash (Open Source).
  • Mobile app: 
    • MoneyManagerEx for Android. Can export .QIF files. Once the mapping is established in GnuCash, the transfer goes smoothly.
    • GnuCash for Android (link)
  • Multiple currencies
    • Turn on trading accounts
    • Create currency sub-accounts for every expense (! :S)
  • Investments
  • Migrate data
    • Quicken to GnuCash series (link
  • Support
    • GnuCash-User mailing list archives (link) and search (link)
    • Wiki (link)


Gnucash allows customization through various channels. If the database is left unencrypted, the easiest is to access it directly. There are also API endpoints that utilize GnuCash business logic and data retrieval. There are also extension points for Perl and Python.
  • piecash Python library (link) can be used to manipulate data directly in the database, like import prices from CSV or read existing records.
  • Gnucash Utilities, Python (link), repo (link), provides reports in Python.
  • Python bindings (not available on Windows).
  • Perl mods can be installed via install-fq-mods.cmd script in GnuCash bin directory. Run all Perl scripts in the bin directory.
    • perl gnc-fq-dump asx VHY 
    • perl gnc-fq-check 
    • perl gnc-fq-update 
Updating prices from command line: gnucash --add-price-quotes /path/to/file.gnucash


  •  display exchange rate graph
    • read data using piecash
    • display the custom report using utilities
  • price update
    • add new provider(s) to Finance::Quote (Fixer, Morningstar)
(more to come)