Sunday, March 20, 2016

Root NVidia Shield K1 Tablet

# Root NVidia Shield K1

Follow the article for K1 and use the files listed in the article!

## Marshmallow; Nvidia Shield Zone

- [Article: Root K1](
- [Article: Tutorial: Root Shield Tablet (Marshmallow)](

# My Instructions

- Enable Developer Mode and USB Debugging on the device.
- Install drivers
- unlock device
- Enable Developer Mode and USB Debugging on the device.

"adb reboot bootloader" will reboot into fastboot. PC needs to be authorized for access the first time ADB accesses it.

## Install drivers

Find the device in the Device Manager, click Update Drivers, select the folder with the drivers.
After this, the device is visible through "fastboot devices".

## Unlock device

Reboot into fastboot.
"fastboot oem unlock"
Confirm on the device and wait for it to finish. Then choose Continue to boot the device.


Experimental build for Android 6 Marshmallow

The official builds are for Android 5 Lollipop only! (below)

Reboot into fastboot.

"fastboot flash recovery twrp.img"
"fastboot boot twrp.img"

## Recovery

Switch off tablet. Wait 20 sec. Now press vol down + power. Now from menu find recovery and press power button. Or if you have root download quick reboot from market.

Dead Android IS the door to recovery. Press "Pwr + Vol Up" to enter

# Non-TWRP Root


Friday, March 18, 2016

Publishing Beta as a separate app on Play Store

The article below will help you set up either a Flavour or a Build Type, which can be useful if you decide to publish an unstable (Beta) version of an app as a separate app, instead of using the Beta channel.

I find the separate-app approach to be much more convenient for the testers as it always leaves them a fallback option to the stable app, which is a whole separate app on their device. That way they will never be blocked out of using the app and might be more likely to try out the unstable version and help out with testing.

Build Type is the correct setting for this and it is enough to add the line

applicationIdSuffix ".beta"
to the build type definition, which will modify the application id. This is required for publishing the effectively same app to the Play Store.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Streaming video to Android device

There are several options for streaming videos to, or rather through, an Android device.

VLC Direct

VLC Direct is an Android app that links directly to your VLC player on a PC. Never managed to make this work.


AirStream contains two applications: one for PC and one for Android. It will serve files from a PC, making them available on Android. The solution is fairly stable and reliable.

Plex Server 

This option will use media server on a PC and UPnP client on Android.

Source: article

Remove other users' pending changes in TFS

Using "tf /lock" and "tf /undo" will remove other users' locks or pending changes in TFS source control.


SVG 2 Vector Drawable converter

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Examples of Design Patterns

OO Design site has a nice collection of examples for the design patterns, along with the description on when to use them.

Source: link

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Service-like behaviour in a Web Application

Whether the time of (Windows) Service executables is going away and the execution moves completely into the web server (sand-)box remains to be seen. One step in that direction is Hangfire, a library for scheduling tasks running under ASP.Net.
When one can get a "heartbeat" going in the context of a web application then the rest remains relatively easy to accomplish.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Troubleshooting MSDTC

Basically, use DTC Ping to check a few things, like network connectivity, firewall issues, etc.

Source: DTCPing: Troubleshooting MSDTC Connectivity Issues (link)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

QA Browser Tools

Here's a handy Chrome extension from Microsoft that significantly helps with development and, more particularly, testing of web applications:

Exploratory Testing